Our specialties

At Selectial Staffing, our temporary workers and permanent staff have extensive experience in helping businesses get back on track. Our unique combination of understanding and compassion, blended with hands-on technical expertise and federal government certification, will get your situation rectified and ready you for a brand-new start.

Construction & maintenance

Temporary staffing
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Need general maintenance and cleaning services? We offer:

  • Cleaning building interiors: floors, windows, plumbing fixtures, 
  • New construction clean-up
  • Industrial cleaning and sanitation services
  • Hazmat, asbestos, biological and other specialty cleaning

We literally handle the dirty work for you; you keep your hands clean!

You can rest assured you are getting valuable team workers who can make the difference for you and your crew.

Hazardous cleaning / Demolition / Asbestos abatement

Temporary staffing
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No matter how organized our lives and businesses are, chaos exists in the universe all around us.

Stuff happens, fires, flood damage, toxic waste, hurricanes, tornadoes, and the list goes on.

We can’t stop it for you.

But we can help you clean up, recover and get on with your life and business.

We propose:


  • Environmental services
  • Asbestos abatement
  • Demolition
  • Toxic-waste clean up
  • Fire damage mitigation
  • Industrial clean up and salvage
  • Debris removal

Get the best of both worlds

Our strategic advantage
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We take pride in hand-selecting the best, most qualified and certified experts and putting them to work for you. As a new company, we work harder for repeat and referral business, and it shows.  With us, you get the best of both worlds: experienced help with a commitment to giving you the best service (with a smile) possible.

The only thing constant is change. Don’t let chaos ruin your life or business. When things go bad and you need a hand, give us call. 

We are on your side. We’ve got your back.

Enough about us; let's hear your story.

We specialize on the Central Eastern Seaboard.

However, if you are further afield we can service anywhere in the USA.

Give us a call or send us a message explaining your situation, what type of service you might need and where you are.

We can assess your needs, provide you an affordable quote and dispatch our highly-trained and certified crews on a moments notice.